Our quality promise:
Individual solutions in a tested quality

EPOXONIC stands for uncompromising quality. We give our customers our quality promise in blue on white:
At your request, you will receive a certificate with batch-related measured values for each product to prove compliance with the customer's requirements. When carrying out quality tests, we use state-of-the-art measuring instruments and methods to determine the required properties.

Our quality checks:

  • State-of-the-art measuring instruments and measuring methods
  • A range of thermal analysis methods
  • Rheological measuring methods
  • Test equipment for comprehensive mechanical material tests

Green Epoxies: Forming Sustainability –
Sustainability is very important to us

Because we not only love epoxies but our planet too, we consider sustainability and environmental aspects in all our business activities in order to reduce the burden of our products and activities to a minimum.

We pay attention to:

  • Energy efficiency as well as emission and waste reduction
  • Absence of solvents
  • Responsible procurement: We expect our suppliers and partners to meet all sustainability standards
  • Product safety and environmental compatibility during product development and formulation
  • Social projects and contributions by the Reiner Habrich Foundation
  • Employee development (training in relation to sustainability, safety, environmental protection)

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